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龙腾虎跃创大业, 江奔河涌向小康

Allow CNL to congratulate you on the arrival of the Chinese New Year and

to extend to you all my best wishes for your perfect health and lasting prosperity. 



CNL Retail POS (Point.Of.Sales) System

Point of sales software granted lots of benefits to commercial business, such as provides a convenient way of checking out customers records and tracking sales time from time. Other than that, it can keep records of the store inventory, updating it when an order is processed. By printing receipts, bring out the essences of formal transaction, time saving, credit card processing and etc. Point of sales system eases the sales flow at recoding all essential information which can assists business owner to make a better decision.

POS software able generate out different receipts and reports. The way of Point of sales system enhance all commercial business in handling business accounting as well as generate the reports on inventory, sales, customer and etc. It shorten customer decision making in different methods.

Point of sales software is bundle with other POS hardware in order to strengthen the performance of POS System, such as barcode scanner, cash drawer, customer display pole and receipt printer.

Point of Sales software is a trend for future market, all the benefits for implement Point of Sales System is leading the growth of commercial industries. The old traditional method in operating commercial business is going to step in history. 


Why Choose Us? 

  • Quick and Accurate Sales
    CNL POS System develop for ensure that every single sales transaction go smoothly, by providing user friendly functions, generating daily sales report, to let customer handle core business process easily. 

  • Inventory Control
    An good inventory control is essential for a business. Without good inventory control you miss out on sales, overstock unwanted product, and lose out on high profit margins. CNL POS system will keep an accurate count of every product in your store, easy setting for package product, multi function for Unit of Measure (UOM), etc to assist in good management for stock.

  • Quick Learning Software
    CNL POS System are design for customers who not familiar with computing, it is easy function and handling. CNL's ideal is provide simple and easy software for our client. 

  • Time Saving
    By using CNL POS System, it able assist customer shorten the time duration for opening cash sales bill for customer. The old traditional way by using handwriting open bill for customer has wasted lot of time and manpower, cause customer long queue, will bring a bad image in servicing.

  • We know customers’ need
    CNL keep analysis customers' feedback and suggestion in order to make improvement for Point of Sales system. From past we do lots of improvements, therefore we know each single customer's need and requirement. We know clear what our customer needed for implement point of sales system. 

  • Reasonable price 
    CNL based on customer requirements and needs to quote price for POS System. Our aim do not over quote for customer in unnecessary item and section.  

All type of retail shops are suitable for Point of Sales System:



Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is an anti-theft and anti-shoplifting system that protects merchandise from illicit removal from a retail establishment. 

An EAS system has three basic components:

1) tags-electronic sensors that are attached to merchandise;  
2) deactivators and detachers-used to remove or inactivate the tags; and 
3) systems that detect the tags at store exit.



Our POS system is suitable for any kind of Retail Outlets.

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